ChessFlash KnightVision

, par chessnaute-master

ChessFlash KnightVision is a free and fun chess-based game.

ChessFlash KnightVision is a free chess-based game. Do battle against an army of pawns and capture them before they capture you. Chess players improve their piece movement fluency and skills and non-chess players improve and maintain their mental acuity and reflexes. Everyone has fun !

I am pleased to announce that ChessFlash KnightVision is now available for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. To get the free app, just click this link from your Apple device :
Or, visit the App store and search for ChessFlash (one word).

Watch a YouTube demo.

If you like the game please rate it and review it and share it with your friends !

Here is a YouTube Introduction for the iPad version (the game plays the same on all devices) :

If you’ve already reviewed it, rated it or "+1" it at the Google Play store, thanks ! The Android version is now updated with the same game play options as the new Apple versions :
Or, visit the Google store and search for ChessFlash (one word).

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